Pizza Express;

EGG ON A PIZZA; okay this is something I was raving about months before I even had it. The concept of a fried egg on a pizza to me is just genius. The yolk would burst as the pizza was cut and each slice would have its own bite of eggy flavour. Sadly this was the... Continue Reading →

Food Reviews; 

Okay so each day this week I will be uploading some short food reviews. Don't take them too seriously, i'm not a professional food reviewer or a good writer, I just REALLY enjoy food, so enjoy

The Importance of Kanye;

A post about Kanye West. Not so much his importance to the world or in my life, just my opinion really but I just thought the title sounded cool. The first and probably only song I remember listening to of Kanye's before I heard of him properly (somewhere I will admit later on) is Homecoming.... Continue Reading →

Its Nice to be Important…

...but its more important to be nice. This quote featured on my favourite quotes post and I can't stress how much I want to base my life on it. I'm not always the nicest person I could be and I do let things get on top of me and my mood but I'll always try my... Continue Reading →

Chasing a Dream…

Working in a warehouse which gets as low as 2 degrees in the winter isn't the most appealing thing I've had to do in my life, I tend to spend most of the day listening to music, a podcast or just thinking. Its not all bad, it pays my way and time can go quick... Continue Reading →

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