This wasn’t the first time I’ve been to Liverpool and it won’t be the last but I feel like I know the city well enough to really give an opinion on it now. 

I’ve only ever stayed in the centre of Liverpool, but I like to think of it as a city where every busker you come across has talent, they all seem to be good with an instrument or have an amazing voice. 

As you walk past these buskers, therses several areas for several activities to keep everyone happy, the Liverpool One, an outdoor/indoor shopping centre which opens up onto the main street and a giant balcony of food places, a few bars and a nice place to sit in the sun. Moving to the other side of the centre you get the Cavern Quater, famous for we all know what; those fucking promoters handing out free shot leaflets, and the Beatles. Theres bar after bar in this area and its always been lively when I’ve been through it. Then you have the Concert Square, a square of pubs that have a central seating area, loud music, cocktails and a lively atmosphere in the sun. Finally, the Albert Docks, perfect for a snack, drink or even just a walk on your way to the comedy club or Echo Arena.

And if you ever get lost in Liverpool just follow the Radio City tower back to the centre (and Youtube Pete Price prank calls while you’re at it) 

The citys not shy on hotels in great locations either, I stayed in an old prison this weekend, weird

Anyway, here are some pictures of the city from my previous trips, enjoy


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