(Where I’m From) Appreciating the area you live in;

I have always grown up with the idea that the area I live in is a shithole, much like everybody else and why wouldn’t we think it, we know the rough areas, we pass our workplace, see people we know but may not like and we hear about bad things happening from friends or neighbours but since visiting Manchester, having some weekends away and finding a bit of adventure about myself, I’ve began to appreciate the area I live in a lot more. 

Theres always going to be bad parts or areas of where you live, for example, my town got its own segment on ‘How Drugs Work’ the Channel 4 documentary and in the town centre theres a well known bench…. nicknamed baghead bench. 

However, I’m writing this post a 5 minite drive down the road in Cannock Chase, acres and acres of trees, fields, wildlife and hidden views. Everytime I drive through it, theres a good chance a Deer will be seen. After living here 22 years, theres so much of the area I’ve not yet explored and its clear to see why its an ‘area of outstanding beauty’. When I travel around the country and people ask where i’m from they know Cannock just from the chase.

And its not just the chase thats the talking point… we recently got a Tesco on stilts and a whetherspoons to keep the chavs off the streets (only joking, its quite nice actually)

Cannocks got a bit of history, known for coal mining but also was home to WW2 training camps and Gaskin (google that)

I would definitely recomend a visit here (And dont let the black eyed demon children put you off the place, they probably aren’t real) 


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