A city I never thought I’d visit, yet it was right up my street. 

I’ve been back here since my first visit after being delighted with the character this place has to offer. Its not your usual city centre with big streets of branded shops in new builds. A lot of York is pedestrianised and the shops, independant. 

Its particularlly famous for the Castle Walls and The Shambles (Cobblestone streets of independent shops) 

As we wondered through the streets we came across pub after pub, particularly the pub where Guy Fawkes was born and the most haunted pub in the UK (we didn’t even stay for a drink, my girlfriend was a bit creeped out) 

Seeing as it was our 3rd anniversary since we got together, I tried to book us in a nice hotel, upon first impressions it was very classy but the rooms were’t too big. The free dressing gown, slippers and a walk in shower were sure to impress me though


As the night came closer we decided to have some drinks in tgw room before going out to explore

A city with a lot of character, I’d recomend to anyone of any background, plenty to do, see and learn here 

A few ratings based from my experiences:

The Principle York Hotel: 9/10

Sloe Gin: 8.5/10

Blue Churacho Cocktail: 1/10

Stone Roses Bar: 4/10


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