Pizza Express;

EGG ON A PIZZA; okay this is something I was raving about months before I even had it. The concept of a fried egg on a pizza to me is just genius. The yolk would burst as the pizza was cut and each slice would have its own bite of eggy flavour. Sadly this was the first and last time I went to Pizza Express, now the pizza weren’t bad and the fries you can see in the photo were exceptional, they were basically like giant donut fries with cheese on them. Delightful. The pizza however lacked taste as did the egg and It may just have been because of my exceptions being slightly high but I was disappointed. The crusts are non-existent and the puree was sub-par, the egg was runny (if it weren’t it would get a straight zero) and the cheese stringy but those alone werent enough to win me over. 

Amazing concept, poor execution.



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