The Importance of Kanye;

A post about Kanye West. Not so much his importance to the world or in my life, just my opinion really but I just thought the title sounded cool.

The first and probably only song I remember listening to of Kanye’s before I heard of him properly (somewhere I will admit later on) is Homecoming. I wasn’t into Hiphop or anything even close to that kind of music and I weren’t very open minded when I was younger, so this song stayed the only song of his I had heard.
Anyway over the years my music taste started to open up and at around 19 or 20 I started to listening to JME and then my eyes opened up to Grime. I loved the fact Grime was a music genre that was founded completely by the artists on their own independent labels and that it became a genre that kids who grew up in rough areas and around the wrong people could relate to and over the years thanks to names like Skepta and Stormzy it grew. This became a gateway towards Hiphop.

Okay, so to be completely honest the first time I got into Kanye was through KUWTK or Keeping Up With The Kardashians to you nobodies who don’t watch the show. Clips of his shows and clothing lines are shown and when he actually says something on the show, he’s funny. And then his album dropped, The Life Of Pablo, this grew on my instantly, it was the first hiphop album I enjoyed fully and it only made me want to listen to more of Kanyes music.

I went through an obsession stage of listening to everything he’s done, watching clips of him and learning about his past. AND I KNOW I WAS MOANING ABOUT EGOS IN MY LAST POST but Kanye’s ego doesn’t affect me personally and after seeing how he is around his wife and children, it seems a clear act for the media.

Present day me now has a phase of listening to Jay-Z, theres a lot more songs of Jay-Z’s I’m yet to catch up with, but its impossible not to respect someone who is so highly regarded as an icon and somebody who is one half of one of the richest and most powerful couples on the planet.

Anyway enough of the wordy stuff, I’m going to post some easy reading for you people who are still here:

My Top 5 Songs: 
1. Homecoming; An all time favourite of mine, and a song I’ve learnt every lyric to just so I can feel cool singing it whilst driving.
2. Black Skinhead; A song that I would recommend any non-Kanye fan to listen to first
3. Diamonds from Sierra Leone; I’m not sure which version I prefer of this, but both are brilliant
4. Runaway; I love this song, although the autotune bit at the end is questionable
5. No Church In the Wild; technically its Jay Z and Kanye but Kanyes opening line tops it for me.

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A little add on:
Kim & Kanye playing a giant piano


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