Its Nice to be Important…

…but its more important to be nice.

This quote featured on my favourite quotes post and I can’t stress how much I want to base my life on it.

I’m not always the nicest person I could be and I do let things get on top of me and my mood but I’ll always try my best to be a nice person. Its inspiring to meet some people who for no apparent reason are nice, polite and just seem to care about how you are and aren’t looking for any benefit from doing so. I was in Brixton a few weeks back and walking back to the hotel me and my girlfriend came across some sketchy looking people, I shouldn’t judge but they did look like they’d pull a knife on me for looking in their direction, following this, I heard one of them shout towards me, I turned around and he simply asked how our bank holiday was, I cautiously told him it was good and that we were heading back to the hotel and he just told us to stay safe, something that small reminds me of this quote and that it doesn’t exactly take much effort to be nice.

I definitely know some people who aren’t nice simply because they feel they are above you or they feel like whatever they’ve got going on in there lives is too much to take the time to crack a smile or help somebody. When I read this quote I cant help but picture a man, suited up working a 9-5 (in the office) and the 5 hours he does at home whilst ignoring his family, and no doubt trample over his co-workers (or competition) to get to the top, resulting him feeling like he’s important.

Okay, so at this point I left this post in my drafts and really struggled to finish it or even find a point to it, but as i start writing it again, I realise I can just use this post to rant and air some frustrations…

So, I can’t stand people with big egos, it not only makes them look like an idiot but it brings out the worst in other people, even good people. I find myself surrounded by big egos every day where I work and I consider myself to be a nice person but the more they go on about how good they think they are, the more I want them to fail at whatever they’re talking about. big ego’s bring out the worst in other people around them, and its toxic. I want to stress that self confidence is completely different to having a big ego and I encourage anybody to relish in their self confident thoughts.

Thats it, ironically, my next post is on Kanye…



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