The Gym & Mental Health;

Okay, A bit of a long one today, hope you can stick around til the end.

So I’ve been going to the gym for about 10 months now and although theres only slight change to my body, there are improvements with my health and fitness, but by far the biggest change has been its affect on my mental health, as you’ve probably heard a thousand times, when you exersize endorphines are released by your body, to your brain which leads to a positive feeling; when I was taught this in school, i weren’t interested, i didnt exersize much and i had no negative feelings or worries so why did I need to exersize to feel happy? 

As I’ve grown up its clear that a lot of life sneaks up on you and catches you off guard, worries come to head and theres responsibity, life, at times can get on top of you and unhappiness can sink in, so thats where the gym comes in, I started going, roughly 5 times a week, at the start of the day, midday, after work and that positive feeling started to come over me. I’d get home from work, unmotivated, lounging about and wasting my time and then i’d force myself to go to the gym and i’d come back feeling productive and positive… ready to get shit done. 

Although I find it hard to motivate myself to go at times, especially the early morning before work, I plan to continue going to the gym for the foreseeable future as the monthly fee is a small price to pay for the mental health boost it rewards me with

A few details about the my gym and my workout:

So I go to PureGym, they have them all over the country and its fairly cheap and has everything you need

I try to go 5 times a week, (and sometimes struggle), I like to go at 5am before work or a sunday around midday as these are times when the gym is dead.

I have been going at 6pm more recently, although its rammed, its quite inspiring to see 100+ people around aiming to self improve like you are

I pay £18 for my membership which gives me access to my home gym and hundreds of other gyms around the country (excluding city centres) 

I am a skinny person and i’m not aiming to bulk, I just want to stay healthy and tone

I have found out no matter how much you work out, your diet has a big part to play, and my diet isn’t the best… I try


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