Okay, so this is just going to be a written post about me…

So I’m finding myself struggling with motivation recently and have done for a while, I’m stuck in my routine and I’m in the comfy or danger zone.
Once I get comfortable I have a habit of sitting tight and living in that comfort, not pushing myself to do more or to try new things and it feels hard to progress living life this way.
I have always thought I wanted a comfortable life, probably starting back in school when we would have to do things like presentations in front of everyone, I would dread this and wish that I would go unnoticed and just be forgotten about so I didn’t have to do it, something that small made younger me stress out quite a bit, so I think this lead to me dreaming of that comfortable life, but its coming to light that a comfortable life isn’t exactly what I want, I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone every so often and I want to try new things or change my routine.
Even as i’m writing this, I’m worried about losing this motivation I feel now, in the morning so I hope when I read this back, it will help me get back into this mood again.
Sometimes the things I love doing and that make me think are motivating me, can lead to procrastination. An example being vlogs… I’m a massive fan of Youtube and I love the positive energy you can get from a Casey Neistat, Syndicate or a Roman Atwood vlog and in small doses, it can motivate me but then I’ll watch another and another and it’s a slippery slope.
There are things or I should say, people, in life that do motivate me without the negatives, I go to the gym with my girlfriend, her sister and my friend and it makes working out so much easier when you’ve got somebody there with you keeping an eye on you, making sure you aren’t slacking, theres times where I flake and times when I am sluggish but I definitely wouldn’t still be going to the gym if it weren’t for them. Healthy eating, one of the biggest hurdles with my health that I come across, I’m weak for anything that tastes good regardless of the health affect it can have, But again, spending time with my girlfriend who eats healthy herself and going shopping with her and her sister post-gym motivates me to carry on trying to eat healthy.

I did post this with the intent of reading it back and motivating myself again, should I need to but if you relate to this, hopefully you can take something from it.


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