Krakow, Poland;

Wooden Houses, Amazing Architecture and Dumplings; 

I’m thinking this will be more of a picture and caption post with a few bits of info at the end so stick with me and enjoy…

I would recommend this place to anybody. Cheap and cheerful, everything in the city is within walking distance or at least a cheap taxi, one warning is that it takes some time to get used to the change of currency, believe it or not 50Zl isn’t expensive for a meal out!

  • The Sheraton Grand Hotel: 10/10
  • Polish Dumplings (Pierogi): 8/10
  • Locals Friendliness: 3/10

Although mostly abrupt, the locals seemed to appreciate the word thank you. It seemed to be a case of ‘if you don’t speak my language I won’t communicate with you’

Some places I recommend visiting: 
Auschwitz; Eerie but very touching and interesting, tour guides are very knowledgable and dedicated to explain how it was for the people occupying the camp
Zakopane and the Tatras Mountains; Booked a private tour for this for around £60 per person, and I can say even on a cloudy/rainy day its worth the price. Again tour guide was brilliant, went above and beyond to allow us to see the sights
Market Square; Arguably the main attraction in Krakow. Beautifully arranged and always well populated, this square is surrounded by many restaurants selling a variety of Polish and other countries foods. In the middle boasts a large cathedral and an indoor market selling mainly wood and leather goods. It was well lit at night and had a vibrant, yet safe atmosphere even late into the night.

More pictures will be posted on the images page of the blog.


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