A Weekend in Manchester;

So, a weekend in Manchester, the journey I do and have done on a weekly basis for 2 and a half years and the journey I never regret making; the journey to see my girlfriend.

A little background on us;
We met back in September 2013 following a Babyshambles gig in Manchester; shortly after in November we were together and already on our first trip away to Leamington Spa that same month
We see each other weekly, most of the time in Manchester where theres always something to do.


Anyway, back to a weekend in Manchester…

The standard weekend starts with a an hourly train journey for me and a short walk through the city centre, but theres always something new to see during this walk, along with different routes to take. I’ve made this walk in sun, rain, snow and hail and as much as a curse at the thought of it after a long day at work, its always worth it. In more recent times, since learning to drive, I’ve made the long (sometimes painful drive along the M6). I like the comfort and privacy of being in my car.
I usually arrive in the evening on a Friday after work and I get home late on the Sunday.


A weekend in Manchester has a lot of potential with the amount of bars, parks, shops and just general things to do…

A lot of our time, like many couples, is spent walking around asking each other what the other wants to eat…

Yep, thats an egg on a pizza.

We always welcome the odd hotel stay despite being very close to her house, which usually involves exploring more of Manchester at night with no limit on return trains home.
One of the most memorable would be sitting on the steps of Castlefield bowl chatting away or going for some cocktails at San Carlo Fumo, where we didn’t stay for too long due to the price of the drinks..

Theres a lot of areas surrounding Manchester that we tend to take frequent trips to such as Southport, Formby and Salford Quays (Salford, I know, but the Quays are actually quite nice). All of these are an hours train max and is a nice change from the busy city centre of Manchester.

Sunday, being the day I go home, is usually a little less adventurous and involves going to the gym and spending time together watching TV until I set off home for another week.

The round this blog post off I’ll mention a few places in Manchester that we have enjoyed visiting:

  • Ziferblats; A cafe in which you pay by the hour, you get free food, drinks, board games and wi-fi
  • San Carlo Fumo; A restaurant and cocktail bar, quite pricey but a very nice vibe
  • Cloud 23; The 23rd floor of the Hilton hotel; a bar, which also does things like afternoon tea with an amazing view of Manchester
  • Afflecks Palace; A very unique independant shopping centre, located in the quirky Northern Quarter.
  • Staycity Apartments; A bit out of the way but the room we were given was amazing.
  • The Light Aparthotel; Right in the middle of Manchester, walking distance from pretty much everything.
  • Castlefield Bowl; Gig venue by Summer night, free to wonder most of the time, lovely walk along the river.

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