Probably my favourite place in this country, ‘London on the seaside’ AKA Brighton.

cropped-img_8669.jpgThis place holds a special place in our heart from the first time we visited, the whole place just seems to have a good vibe about it, from the pebble beach to the marina village.

We’ve been here 4 times now, in a couple of different hotels and it never gets boring, the walks along the beach at night, the public attractions such as Sea Life, the pier and even the classic seaside hotels.
Giving  a mention to the hotels we’ve stayed in, The Travelodge Brighton Seafront; Stayed here 2 or 3 times visiting Brighton, big fan of Travelodges, playing it safe and reliable and the location is right on a high street, one building away from a seafront view.

The other hotel and the superior of the two was The Brighton Umi Hotel, a beautiful seaside hotel, with modern rooms and a fantastic location right on the seafront, also, they gave us a free sea front room upgrade and on that note, I definitely recommend this hotel to anybody visiting this wonderful place.

While we explored Brighton we came across ‘The Lanes‘ a shopping area of small alley-like streets that is home to quirky shops, pubs and restaurants.

Below are some pictures of our trip to The Lanes…

A special mention to The Breakfast Club (pictured above) for one of the best Breakfasts we’ve had.

And when the shops in the lanes are closed towards night, theres still some beautiful places to see – The perfect place for something me and my other half enjoy doing no matter where we end up, a night walk.


We’re pretty sure this doesn’t happen every night, but during a night walk of ours, we came across this – the Brighton Royal Pavillion lit up at night and converted into an ice rink!

Alongside the Lanes, a place worth visiting is the Pebble beach, thousands flock to this beach at least sit on one of the bars along the sea front, no matter the weather as did we! Wondering down to the beach we weren’t sure if drinking was allowed on the beach, soon to find out that pretty much everyone there had something or other in their hand.

And Finally, cupcakes to finish the overly long journeys home, worth it…

Brighton; Cupcakes from the Lanes

The Umi Hotel 9/10 
The Brighton Seaview Travelodge 7/10
The Breakfast Club 9/10
The Lanes 8/10 
Brighton Overall: 9/10

For more pictures of our Brighton Trips, refer to the Photos page.


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