A Weekend in Manchester;

So, a weekend in Manchester, the journey I do and have done on a weekly basis for 2 and a half years and the journey I never regret making; the journey to see my girlfriend. A little background on us; We met back in September 2013 following a Babyshambles gig in Manchester; shortly after in... Continue Reading →


A post for fans of Peter Doherty and The Libertines;

Okay, so my love for The Libertines is borderline obsessive; I never got the chance to see them pre-reunion and when the hints at their make-up came about - I couldn't not go. I think my love for this band started with me simply liking one of their lyrics. The lyric was "Is it cruel or... Continue Reading →


Probably my favourite place in this country, 'London on the seaside' AKA Brighton. This place holds a special place in our heart from the first time we visited, the whole place just seems to have a good vibe about it, from the pebble beach to the marina village. We've been here 4 times now, in a couple... Continue Reading →


So this blog begins in a 8ftx10ft room in a smallish town in the middle of England… Travelling to Manchester almost every weekend gave me a thirst to travel to various places in the UK and elsewhere, with my beautiful girlfriend (I’ll get bonus points for writing that!). And I’m not going to pretend I... Continue Reading →

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