This wasn't the first time I've been to Liverpool and it won't be the last but I feel like I know the city well enough to really give an opinion on it now.  I've only ever stayed in the centre of Liverpool, but I like to think of it as a city where every busker... Continue Reading →


Cosy Club;

Me and my girlfriend have wanted to try this place for quite a long time  This weekend we were in Liverpool and we decided to try it as the menu had a shit load of stuff we liked First of all I've gotta mention how nice the Cloudy Apple Juice was, amazing, as far as... Continue Reading →

Millies Cookie;

Millies Double Cookie CakeOkay a little extra post today in appreciation to the food review week. Not quite a meal but a special mention needs to go to these Millies Double Cookie Cakes, we've struggled to find them since buying this but these are incredible, perfect with a tea (as tried and tested by me... Continue Reading →

The Breakfast Club;

Now this is a place that holds a special place in my heart, I first discovered it with my girlfriend in Brighton and although the musics a bit loud (sorry for sounding like an old man but id rather not think I was in a club while I eat breakfast) the place has a quirky... Continue Reading →


The best burger you'll taste. Met with a glazed bun (I forget the proper name) its texture is so soft that as you bite down, it feels like you are eating a really tasty cloud. I've been to Byron 4 or 5 times plus now and I've not had a bad burger. Its consistently tasty, well... Continue Reading →


No Italian in my opinion will match these guys. Lesser known than a lot of Italians from my understanding but the quality of food soaring above their competition in my opinion. I had the Pizza with seasoned chicken and Pepperoni (and a leaf apparently), firstly, the chicken seasoning is amazing, I don't know what it... Continue Reading →

Five Guys;

Is there any burger that comes close to a Five Guys burger? (Byron maybe?) Not on a fast food level anyway. The presentation, the size, the bun, everything about this burger os incredible, the fries don't let it down either. Now I'm very plain when it comes to burgers, I enjoy the burger and cheese, possibly... Continue Reading →


I don't get as excited for a takeaway as much as I do DominoesI recently discovered their BBQ stuffed crust and that alone tempts me to order one now. Like I mentioned in a previous post i'm very plain and just settle for Cheese and Tomato with maybe some pepperoni or chicken.  I honestly don't... Continue Reading →

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